What are the best asian restaurants you can find in Canada

Asian restaurants are gradually taking over the Canadian market and it is all because of the best and the state of the art food they produce. Among the Asian delicacies, Thai, Chinese and Indian restaurants are highly rated in the country. The locals also enjoy the food and eventually rate the restaurant high. The established Asian restaurants in Canada make sure that the customers get the exceptional services which they have asked for. The management of such restaurants is great and therefore these are recommended. The locals of the respective countries are hired for the work most of the time but it is not mandatory. These restaurants have been working under the rules laws and regulations of the Canadian food authority and go under rigorous checks which are often surprising. The best part of these restaurants is that these have added variety to the Canadian food market and with the passage of time people have started liking these. Some of the places which are a must visit in Canada are mentioned as follows.

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

As the name suggests this Thai kitchen has taken the Thai food to a whole new level and therefore it is highly regarded among the circles. The overall management of the restaurant is great and the people have rated it high. It is a place for those that want to enjoy Thai Food with a touch of local spices. The vegan options are also there for the ones that do not like the meat intake. The restaurant provides the table service and accepts credit cards as well. The address of the restaurant is 18 Duncan St, Toronto, Ontario M5H 3G8, Canada. It is a really nice place for those that want to enjoy Thai food to its fullest.


It is regarded as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Toronto. The restaurant has swift service and the staff is highly friendly. The restaurant makes sure that you get all when it comes to the vegan recipes. The gluten-free diet is also offered by the restaurant and it is all because of the fact that the restaurant wants to increase its reach. Almost 91% of the customers that visit this place not only like it but have also rated it high. The address of this place is 503 College St, Toronto, Ontario M6G 1A5, Canada and it can be accessed late night for taking away orders.

Nami Japanese Seafood Restaurant

As the name suggests this Seafood restaurant is the best when it comes to the Japanese food. The seafood served here is made as per the Japanese standards and therefore it is highly rated by the local which ensures that the restaurant is always filled with customers. The prices are highly reasonable and therefore the ratings which are given to the restaurant are excellent. From table service to the overall management of the restaurant, there are many positive points to look for.  The address of the restaurant is 55 Adelaide St E, Toronto, Ontario M5C 1K6, Canada.